Sunday, September 11, 2011

Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner

For twenty-eight years, things have been tripping along nicely for Cannie Shapiro. Sure, her mother has come charging out of the closet, and her father has long since dropped out of her world. But she loves her friends, her rat terrier, Nifkin, and her job as pop culture reporter for The Philadelphia Examiner. She's even made a tenuous peace with her plus-size body. 

But the day she opens up a national women's magazine and sees the words "Loving a Larger Woman" above her ex-boyfriend's byline, Cannie is plunged into misery...and the most amazing year of her life. From Philadelphia to Hollywood and back home again, she charts a new course for herself: mourning her losses, facing her past, and figuring out who she is and who she can become. (from Goodreads).

Ever since I read Little Earthquakes, I have been a fan of Jennifer Weiner. I love the way she writes you into feeling the depth of the emotions that her characters are feeling. If they are blissful, I am smiling for them. When things go right, I cheer. When they are conflicted, I myself feel torn. Good in Bed was no different. Weiner did such a good job expressing her Cannie's emotional conflicts that there were points in the book where I wanted to stop listening (I was listening to the audiobook on a road trip), thinking, "I can't....I can't listen to this pain..." But, like Cannie, I hung on. Like Cannie, it was because of the wonderful surprises and great friends and family (well some of the family) in her life. I cried for a good 30 minutes straight toward the end of the book. But by the end, my heart was swelling with loving life and contentment for how Cannie pulled through.


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