Monday, September 5, 2011

Fallen Star by Jessica Sorensen

I was searching around some site that I follow through Twitter and I came across one of my favorites Tigris Eden.  It was there I saw a review called The Fallen Star By Jessica Sorensen.  After reading the REVIEW I knew that I had to read this.  I order the book immediately and could not stop reading it.

I was sucked into the world of Gemma, a teenager in a small town, with violet eyes, and who just started having feelings. However, I felt so much pain for Gemma, the way she was treated, how alone she felt and the isolation that was all around her.  Then came Alex, green eyes, and very cute.  Now I know that you are thinking that it was just like every other typical story, BUT this is not like that.  There were twist and turns throughout the book that I did not see coming: Gemma's Mom, the heartache of never have any interaction with others, the wanting to feel, and the Death Walkers.  Then, of course, Jessica Sorensen left us hanging at the very end.  Which just made me crave more!

Thank goodness for Google because I rushed to find Jessica Sorensen site.  It was here that I was please to see that Book 2 is already out AND Book 3 will be out in November 2011.  Let me tell you I was very very happy about this! I am now readin Book 2 and I will let you know the second I am done with it.


  1. Oh, I have seen these books around and they have always looked interesting to me..Crud..adding them to my ever growing TBR list

  2. This is good reading for teen to adult. No gratuitous sex scenes and no real swearing. I enjoy a well written book that does not depend on sex scenes to cover a bad story line.

    I hope this is just a taste of what is to come in this series.
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