Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cornerstone By Misty Provencher

I would like to thank a friend from Twitter (@LuvMyHootie) who loaned me this book! I was not real sure about it but I knew that I had the weekend off and needed some new books to read.  It sounded interesting and I thought "Well, why not?"

Then I started the book and O.M.G...I could not put it down.  Now I know that you all understand my love for series books (and of course this is another series); however, this was a great series to start!  Misty Provencher is an awesome writer.  She makes you feel like that you are there.

Let me explain: Meet Nalena, a teenager who has a mother that hoards paper.  All her mother does is writes all the time! I mean ALL THE TIME!! Their house is full of paper! It is everywhere even to the point that they only use a microwave because the stove is full of paper!  This makes it very hard for Nalena and her social life - well, she does not have one because she is called "The Waste" at school and they make fun of her everyday because of her mother's issue.  So all Nalena does is run and spend time at the library because she can be away from her home and all the madness that goes on there and it keeps her away from others so they do not make fun of her. 

Then one day, while at the library, she meets a boy named Garrett.  Of course this changes her whole world.  In the time that she meets Garrett, Garrett's family, and her father - up until the end of the book - her whole life goes through a world-wind of changes.

This book will keep you guessing and wanting more the whole time.  I have no information on when the second book comes out but I will keep everyone updated! You can follow the author on twitter at: @mistyprovencher she is an awesome person and amazing author! Cannot wait until the second book comes out!!



  1. Thank you for reading, Mary. I'm so happy that we found each other on Twitter and I am so happy you enjoyed the book!

  2. you are very welcome! Cannot wait until the Keystone comes out!