Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stealing Grace by Shelly Crane

Yet again @luvmyhootie came through again for me! She read this book and then loaned it to me.  I was hooked after the first chapter.
This book is something different that I do not usually read.  Let me explain for a minute about me.  I am HUGE into current affairs and politics.  I love to read books about current topics also; however, one topic that I do not know much about it sex slavery.  It is not that I don’t care about the topic I just don’t know a lot about it.
This book brought it to a different light, in more than one way. 
Meet Elena.  A 22 year old that had a very rough life and was trying to survive all alone.  One night after work she was kidnapped and sold to Alex.  She was scared, unsure of what was going on, but knew that she had to get away.  Alex took her home & they were married almost immediately.  But Alex was different.  He did not touch, he slept on the couch, and he was always saying “sorry”.  Elena could not understand what he wanted.  Soon, it all came together.  Alex was good, not evil and wanted to help others.  Elena saw all the good in Alex.  However, there was a problem they still live in a community that stole women and forced them into marriage.  There were beating and wives could not leave the home it was horrible.
I could not put this book down! I was sucked into this world with Elena and Alex! All I wanted was more! This really put this topic of sex slavery into the light.  Even though the story was fiction the topic is real!

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  1. I am glad you loved it too! It was a beautiful story!