Thursday, February 2, 2012

United Eden by Nicole Williams

It is here! Finally! The final chapter of Bryn and William! I LOVED every moment of this book.  There was the fear that the council would not let Bryn and William finally have their marriage and of course John is back.  However, we can always count on Patrick to be there for us .... or can we?

I am making this review very short and sweet because I do not want to ruin a single minute of the world-wind that is the Eden Trilogy! So here is it:

William = amazing, wonderful, caring, and there is no one that I could imagine Bryn being with. 
Patrick = funny, funnier, loyal, loving, and I cannot wait to see the book that Nicole Williams is writing from his point-of-view. That's right you heard me!!
Bryn = LOVE HER!! What else is there to say?  William and her make the perfect couple, she fits into the family so well, and ......... wait for it ............. do her eyes change color??? (hehe)

I love them all and I love this series.  I am sitting on the edge of my seat for Nicole and her new book!


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