Wednesday, January 2, 2013

After The Rain by Karen White

Goodreads Description:

In a stunning follow-up to Falling Home, Karen White returns to the magical small town of Walton, Georgia, and delivers the emotionally poignant tale of two very special people whose lives are transformed by an unexpected love.


I was given this book from the publishing company for an honest review.

I did not realize, when reading this book, that it was a continuing story.  I actually did not have to read the first book to know what was happening in this book.

Best Part of Book: Suzanne, who is a photographer,  ends up in this small town in Georgia, because she is basically "running away".  She ends up meeting the mayor, Joe.  He is a widow with several kids.  He is a jerk at first. Well, jerk is probably harsh.  He is still grieving for his wife, stressed with his job and family.  One thing leads to a another and Suzanne begins to entwine herself in Joe's life.  I loved the kids in this story.  I really loved Aunt Lucinda!  The story was good and progressed well.

Not so great about book: Besides the way Joe was in the beginning and some parts that "dragged" out for bit, the book was good.  Also, I thought the ending was a little lacking. However, I would read more of Karen White's book because she did write well.

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