Tuesday, January 1, 2013

HOAX by Lila Felix

Goodreads description: 

She's spent a long time in a bubble. In an odd turn of events, Corinne is taken out of boarding school and plunged into high school where bullies reign and nice guys come in last. 

But this is after she's already fallen in love with Abel over the summer.

Abel is trapped, with friends he secretly hates, but has chosen to stay with the status quo. It's just high school, right? 

What do you do when the person you love sees the very worst part of you? And how do you help them when they discover their life is a hoax?


Pretty soon Lila Felix is going to have to get a restraining order against me because I am gushing over her awesomeness!!!!

Best Part of Book:  This story begins a little strange (in my opinion) Corinne is told to leave her boarding school because her parents haven't paid.  Then when she goes home her family is moving out of her home and "downsizing" is the excuse.  Well, that is not even the icing on the cake! Her dad sends her off to house sit for the summer.  Isn't that just "great"?  However, the summer starts to look up when Abel comes into the picture. Oh, Abel! You sexy fictional man! I love you! His sweetness just shines through so much!  It does not take long for a relationship to bloom.  Nonetheless, Lila Felix knows how to twist a story.  Brett, the school bully (and a big jerk) is added into the mix.  Let's not forget the strange behavior of her parents!  Lila Felix does a great job of pulling everything together at the end! Like I doubted her mad author skills.

Not so great about the book: I think Lila is scared to write a book with more than 200 pages.  Not that her stories are rushed, by any means.  She just writes shorter stories.  I finished this book within a few hours because its around 130 pages or so.  I think that she is so talented that I would not even blink if she wrote a 300-400 page novel!

Nonetheless, I am completely over the moon for this book! Lila Felix has another masterpiece!!

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