Friday, January 18, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Taboo Kisses by Gracen Miller


If you want to read my review, just "click" below.  PLEASE REMEMBER THIS BOOK IS FOR ADULTS ONLY!!

Goodreads Description:

WARNING: This book is intended for a mature audience at least 18 years of age or older. Contains graphic sexual content and high amounts of sexual content. If you find any of the following offensive, then this book is NOT for you: m/m, m/f/m, double penetration, anal play, sex-toy play, sex-fruit play, shifter sex, voyeurism, forced seduction, and anything else I might've forgotten to list!

Taboo Kisses…where desires and inhibitions collide.

Dispatched to the mortal realm from Atlantis to seek the source of a brewing rebellion, Sameya is thrown for a tailspin when she discovers her fated mates. As a siren her songs entice mankind and immortals alike to their death. She’s stunned to be seduced by a taboo union with a tiger-shifter and vampyr. Mating the pair could complicate everything and threaten her freedom. Fueled by her duty to Atlantis, Sameya rejects fate’s wisdom and refutes her attraction to the men.

Taboo Kisses…when the forbidden becomes irresistible.

Gabriel and Maximus have been searching for their mate for centuries. Neither expected the siren they were hired to find would deliver more than a lucrative payday. Frustrated by Sameya’s aversion to their mating, the men anticipate an empty future if she refuses to complete their union. In a rash move Maximus seizes Sameya and holds her captive. 

Taboo Kisses…when the siren is serenaded with temptation.

Trapped and at their mercy, Sameya is bombarded with pleasure. Can her mates convince her to take a gamble on their taboo union? With danger lurking in the shadows, will the choice be taken from her?


First, let me just say this:  Gracen Miller did warn me before I read this book that I would BLUSH all the way through it.  Well, she was right!!  I have read adult books before, but no one can put a story and sex together like Gracen..........period!

Second, I will never look at strawberries the same!

Best part of the book: I bet you think I am going to say the "sex scenes".  Well, even though they were *cough* enjoyable, I actually liked the story.  It was a different twist on the "normal" supernatural books I have read. Gabriel (shifter), Maximus (vampyr) and Sameya (siren) are all destined to be mates...together.  However, Sameya is a bit apprehensive to the idea.  She doesn't want to be their mate.  Well, Gabriel and Maximus do not give up so easily.  That is what makes a great story.

Not so great about the book:  Gracen made me BLUSH! A LOT! However, she did warn me!  Plus, I will never look at a strawberry the same way again.

Now, if you are over the age of 18, this is a good book.  Gracen does not disappoint!

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  1. Thank you for the review, Mary!! I'm glad you enjoyed Taboo Kisses, even though I DID make you blush a lot. *huggles ya*