Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kinetic: The First Alliance by Herro Raymond and Laz Matech

Goodreads description:

Alex Carter is just a normal kid stumbling through adolescence and trying to find his way in life—but all of that is about to change. He receives an uninvited visit in his bedroom one night by Shyra, an alien being from a distant planet; she tells him she has come to prepare his race for a fight. His planet is being threatened by Zenakuu, a world known for invading other planets to mine resources, and Shyra believes Alex has the ability to save it.

Shyra’s world, Kalryn, has already had to fight off a Zenakuu invasion, and its inhabitants have come to Earth to train promising kinetics to help protect the entire galaxy. Shyra takes Alex on her ship to the mountains, where he immediately begins training to become one of a handful of superheroes who must use their powers to battle aliens intent on winning a brutal intergalactic war. The survival of humanity lies in the hands of a teenager who is sure of only one thing—that he is not sure about anything.

In the first installment in this exciting series, a teenager torn away from his family and everything he has ever known is about to discover how hard it is to be a hero.

Mary's Review:

I was a little unsure about this book because it is very sci-fi, but it sounded like a great book and I am glad that I gave it a chance!!

Best part of the book:  Have you ever just been up in your bedroom and an alien just appear?  Yea, me either but it happen to Alex!  From that moment on the story TAKES OFF and it is a amazing, awesome and crazy journey!  Shrya is the alien, who has come to help save Earth from a wars of the worlds.  Alex is a teenager!  Need I say more, he is a teenager......  He is just going through the motions his life and then an alien enters his life.

Then he is off to train to be a superhero.  But, he isn't the only one:  Cassie, Christian, Tori and Dimitri all come into the picture and I love them all !!

The fighting/training and all around story was exciting and very descriptive!!!

Not so great about the book: UGH!!! CLIFFHANGER!!! I thought something was wrong with my Kindle because it ended and I WANTED MORE!!!

Now I have to wait until Book 2 and I need it soon!!!!

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