Sunday, July 28, 2013

What's In Your 24? by Dara Simone Stovall

What's in Your 24? is a book for women who want to create a "new normal" in their lives. 24 is the guide to living happier, getting fit from the inside out, taking control of your destiny, and living life without excuses. 24 will empower you, make you laugh, teach you how to love yourself more, how to prioritize your thoughts, how to be more selfish with your time, and how to quiet the chatter around you. 24 intentionally consists of 60 pages and three chapters that will change your life forever. It contains 24 Time Efficiency Tips that Simone promises will help you maximize your day more effectively and help you exercise at least three times a day with little effort. 24 is a concise and radical lifestyle guide that shouldn't take you more than 60 minutes to read it, more than 60 seconds to make the decision to change your life, and no more than 24 hours to begin making that transformation. (from Goodreads)

Flo's Review
A press release about this book came my way and since I saw it was so short, I offered to do a review. So obviously the fact that it is such a short book was a big selling point for me. My life -- let along my TBR -- could not go for much more. This book is divided into three sections: Vision, Brain Surgery, and Application. The twelve chapters are actually hours to represent the twelve hours on a clock. I picked up the book and started to read it straight through -- but only made it through the Introduction and a little of the first section. There seemed to me to be a lot of personal narrative from the author. I can see why it was shared, but I came away with nothing solid except knowing the author's life story. 

So, I decided to just skim through the rest of the book and pick out the useful and relevant bits. Seeing as how this is a book about time management, I don't think the author would find a problem with this approach :)  Each of the sections began with a Bible verse, which I liked, though I am not sure was necessary for the book and didn't really mesh with it, as I never got the idea that I was reading a religious-based book at all.

The Time Efficiency Tips at the end are the pay dirt of this book, in my opinion. A lot of them are things you may be doing already, but when presented it makes you realize that they ARE, in fact, helping you be more time efficient. That's great! A few of these for me were the idea of having a pen and paper by your bed and having clothes in your wardrobe that match not your current weight but your goal weight. There were also a few new things that I'm looking forward to trying, like the idea of touching body parts to help you remember to pack everything you need for a trip and color-coding your planner by type of event. 

I see that this will be available as an e-book and I think that this is where it's best niche may be. I can easily see someone downloading it to her Kindle or Nook to read through while on a business trip, for example. 

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