Monday, October 21, 2013

Falling Into Fall Swap

So, two things are love are getting fun packages in the mail and Fall. Random, yes. Unless you put them together! Which is what this Falling Into Fall Swap did! I was paired with Elyse over at My Cherry Topped Life and we got the chance to send each other fun fall goodies!

Elyse sent me these delicious smelling candles along with a beautiful mug and some Fall-inspired drinks! Just getting the package was as exciting -- if not more! -- than the actual goodies. I went by my apartment office because I got a notice that I had a package, but I'd forgotten about the swap. Well, the office manager walks out with this great, epic box for me and one of my neighbors jealously exclaimed, "That one's mine!" (Really, he was picking up something boring looking in a single envelope.) 

Good times! 


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