Monday, October 14, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Fighting Fate by Amity Hope

Goodreads description:

Two years ago, Sarah Heath’s life was close to perfect. Now, she’s running from her old life. Not sure where else to go, she decides to move back to Laurel, where she plans to renovate the farmhouse her grandmother left her. She has a new job and is looking forward to a new start in life. The last thing she expects is to bump into her old high school flame.

Cole Montgomery knows what it’s like to run from something. Due to an unfortunate case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he felt he had no choice other than to leave Laurel and the girl he loved right after high school graduation. But now it’s eight years later and he’s back. And by some strange twist of fate, she’s back too. 

Cole is determined to right his wrongs. Even if it means finally telling Sarah the real reason he broke her heart. He needs her to know that he only wanted to keep her safe then as well as now. Because the truth is, he’s still worried his past will come back to haunt them both. What he doesn’t know is that Sarah’s past haunts her too. Winning her back might be the easy part. It’s keeping her safe that might be a challenge.

Mary's Review:

I swear Amity Hope just gets better with each book she writes. 

What I liked:

I love the story that Amity created. It's not just a romance, there is some suspense to it too! Sarah comes back to her hometown to a new job and a HUGE project of redoing a farmhouse.  She seems happy ... until she sees Cole!

Oh Cole!!!! *swoon* I have a new fictional boyfriend on my list!!! Cole is amazing but is trying to fix some things that happened in his past. Sarah is one of those. 

Now, on top of all that, there are some "issues" going on below the surface. Someone is out to hurt them. Oh yeah, sabotage! I love how Amity pulls it all together!

What I didn't like:

A few things were rushed. Well, they seemed rushed to me. But, it didn't take away from the story, I just wished it was a little more detailed for a few things.

Overall..........GREAT!!! READ!! 

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