Thursday, June 19, 2014

Losing It by Cora Carmack

Jacque's Review

This series has been on my TBR list for a while.  My sister-in-law, who is 17 years younger and is actually a member of the NA population, asked me what I was reading over spring break.  Of course it was YA (The Coldest Girl in Coldtown), so she began asking me about some other YA/NA books.  She was reading the third book in this series and strongly suggested that I read it.

Bliss Edwards is a theater major and is getting ready to start her final semester in college.  She is still a virgin and made the mistake of sharing this information with her best friend Kelsey.  The two girls set out for an evening of drinking with one find a guy for Bliss to hook up with.  She could not graduate from college a virgin!

Bliss drinks heavily, but is not interested in any of the guys at the bar.  She decides to use the restroom and sees a guy sitting by himself in the back of the bar reading Shakespeare.  She comments on his choice of reading material and location and then gets to hear his AMAZING British accent.  Garrick and Bliss hang out for a while, but the evening did not progress as planned. (Not that Garrick wasn't willing.)

The next day is the first day of the new semester and Bliss quickly discover that Garrick is not a student, but their newest professor.  He is a recent graduate and was called in to cover for a professor who took a leave of absence.

The story details Garrick and Bliss's secret relationship along with her interactions with her best friends Cade and Kelsey.  Everything would be SO much easier if Garrick weren't her teacher, but they just need to get through the semester.  The characters are all actors, so there is a lot of drama that unfolds.  Cade has had a crush on Bliss for a long time and now the two are cast as the leads in their final play before graduation.  The situation is awkward to say the least.

I absolutely LOVED Garrick.  He is an attractive blond who is charming and very direct.  Oh...did I mention the accent? LOL!!  There is very little room for misinterpretation when it comes to his character.  Bliss on the other had....WOW.  She could have ruined everything with one simple word, CAT.  I know that sounds crazy, but read the book and you will understand.  She over thinks just about everything, is a control freak, and can't give in to her feelings.  The longer she is around Garrick, the move confident she becomes.  Their relationship is not only impacting her personal life, but her "professional" life as well.  She is a much better actress when she isn't so reserved.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can't wait to read Faking It, which appears to be Cade's story after graduation.  I have also requested a copy of the novella, Keeping Her, which is another Bliss and Garrick story told from both of their points of view.

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