Monday, April 20, 2015

I celebrate all things Jen E. Smith!

Me and Jen E. Smith at YALLFEST last November
So lots of Jen E. Smith has been happening in my life simultaneously! It started when I downloaded her new novella Happy Again to my Kindle, because I was heading on a trip and knew I'd need it for plane reading. I loved this novella so much! I wrote my super short, super sweet review on Goodreads, which I'll link to at the end of this post. Happy Again is a companion to the book This Is What Happy Looks Like, which I'll be talking about again in a minute.

I get home from my trip and what was waiting for me, but this pretty!
I'm really looking forward to reading this one! (Which is an obvious statement, seeing as how I'm currently writing an entire blog post dedicated to how much I love Jen E. Smith and her books.)

The next day I'm looking at my Timehop and what did I post exactly two years ago?! My review of This Is What Happy Looks Like! It will shock no one that I loved it:
I thought it was kinda neat that all of these things happened within 2 days of each other and thought I'd share. But seriously though. If you haven't read any of Jen E. Smith's books, get on that! While you're doing that, I'll read Hello, Goodbye, and Everything In Between and will be reporting back soon with my thoughts!

My Jen E. Smith reviews

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