Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fierce Reads Fall Tour 2015 at Books and Books Week Blitz! Author Spotlight: Leigh Bardugo

You've seen me post on here time and time again about many great author events and signings that I (Flo) am fortunate enough to attend. Let me tell you, a large number of these happened at my favorite bookstore in Miami: Books and Books. Next Monday, October 12th they are bringing us the Fierce Reads Fall 2015 tour and we all are super excited! So for this week, a few of the Books and Books South Florida Bloggers are going to spotlighting the authors on our blogs. (Check out some of other others: Owl Always be ReadingBooks & SwoonBookcrastinators In WonderlandDapper Animals blog, and Once Upon a Twilight.)

Today, we had the opportunity to ask Leigh Bardugo a few questions about the amazing Six of Crows! I loved this book so, so much! If you haven't had the chance to read it yet, I suggest you remedy that situation ASAP! For now, here's Leigh:

Six of Crow was EPIC! I am however curious about the total of the main characters. Why SIX? Not four nor five? 

Thank you! I don't have a great answer to that question except that six served the story. I wrote the "zero draft" of Six of Crows in about a week (it's more like an outline than a real first draft) and the characters arose very naturally. I'd get to the end of a scene and another character would step up and say, "Oh let me take it from here." I will say that Jesper's role got a lot bigger as the story progressed, and each of their voices became more distinct. Now I can't imagine Kaz's crew of criminals any other way.

What inspired you to write Six of Crows? 

Truth? I was driving down a street in Los Angeles and saw a billboard for a movie called Monuments Men. I thought, "Wow, I have no interest in seeing that, but I should watch Oceans 11 again." And then I almost drove off the road because all I could think was MAGICAL HEIST. Looking back, I think I was also just a little burned out on "chosen one" stories. They're resonant for a reason, but after the Grisha Trilogy, I was ready to write about people who weren't trying to save the world.

This one is hard one. I loved all the character but Matthias had me drooling all over the book. But who's your favorite? Who was the most challenging one to write? 

You know, Matthias was actually the most fun to write. He's so intense. about. everything. I think he has the heart of a knight, but he was just born into the wrong circumstances, so I'm glad you enjoyed him. Kaz was probably the toughest to write because his backstory is so dark. I couldn't work on it for too long a stretch at a time.

I cannot talk enough about how great this book is! If you live in the South Florida area, I hope to see you at Books and Books next Monday night at 7 p.m. If you don't live here and still want in, you can totally watch the livestream! Here's the link for that: http://livestream.com/uainmedia/fierce-reads. Also, you can call Books and Books to order a signed, personalized copy of any the Fierce Reads books before the event! Call for more info: 305 - 444- 9043 ext 7

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