Friday, September 16, 2016

Spotlight: Dessert First by Dean Gloster

Flo's Note
My fiance makes fun of me all the time because I tend to look at the dessert menu before the food menu at the restaurant. Some of my favorite restaurants made the list simply because of their desserts. So the first thing I said when I saw this book was, "Perfect!" The summary sounds poignant and feel-good, and I just had to share with y'all.

Book Summary
This is a story about family, friendship and love that illustrates just how much you can accomplish on this earth with people you are connected to you, regardless of the time you share with them.

Kat is the big sister and, as a bone-marrow match, the only hope for saving her little brother, Beep, whose leukemia has relapsed for the second time. In the face of her family’s tragedy, Kat has been the problem-solver cheerleader, so now she can’t tell anyone, even the boy she loves, that it’s all been an act. When even her heroic effort to save Beep fails, so does Kat’s irreverent sense of humor, and she spirals downward, until help comes from an unlikely place.

Dean Gloster New Photo 1 smaller.jpgDean Gloster (Berkeley, CA) is a former law clerk to two U.S. Supreme Court Justices and a former stand-up comedian. When not writing YA novels, he ski races during the winter (Super-G is his best event) and is enrolled in the low-residency MFA program in writing for children and young adults at Vermont College of Fine Arts. His wife, Nancy Ricci, works at a children’s hospice and respite care center, and inspired him to write the book. When Dean is not at home in Berkeley, California, Saucy the dog guards the commas in his manuscripts. Dean thinks that writing, flying, and ski racing have lots in common: According to Douglas Adams, all you have to do is throw yourself at the ground—and miss.

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