Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Third Grade Mermaid by Peter Raymundo

Book Summary
Cora is a small mermaid with a BIG personality. But like so many mermaids in the third grade, she is struggling to truly be herself. 

She wants to be like the Singing Sirens, the most glamorous swim team in the sea. Unfortunately, an annoying road--er, seablock--keep getting in her way.

When Cora fails her spelling test, her coach says she can’t be on the team unless she gets an A on the next one!

Can Cora conquer her spelling test, make the swim team, AND stay true to herself at the same time?

Flo's Review
Happy book birthday to Third Grade Mermaid! This little book was simply adorable. The illustrations were a lot of fun and did a great job complementing the text. Cora has a boisterous personality, just as you might expect from a third grade mermaid. Hearing her tell the stories of her adventures are true to how any child might tell stories, but these are extra fun because they are all about life under the sea. What a magical little story! I can't wait to give this to my niece!

Thank you to Scholastic for providing me with an Advance Reader's Copy in exchange for my honest review.

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