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BLOG TOUR: HALE MAREE by Misty Provencher, Character Interview and GIVEAWAY

Oh, that Misty Provencher!?!?! She is an amazing and wonderful author! I was so happy to be part of this Blog Tour! My review of Hale Maree is here; however, on this section of the blog tour I will interview Sher, Hale's best friend.  At the end of the interview there will be links for the GIVEAWAYS.

So, let us begin:


(squeals)  This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!  Thank you for having me here, Mary, I am SO EXCITED!  What do you want to know?  I’ll tell you everything!  I have to babysit for my mom tonight, though, so I only have a couple of hours to talk and then I can always come back if you want.  I’m totally free.  Ok, so what would you like to know?  (squeals again) I’m an open book!

*How did you and Hale meet?

In ninth grade, I moved here and we rode the bus together.  Or, more like, we huddled in the front seat and tried not to be noticed together.  We’re both book worms and both from single-parent homes, so we hit it off pretty quick!  I can also braid hair really good (that comes from having, like, 100 little sisters) and I used to braid Hale’s hair a different way every day for her.  She never knew how to do it.  Probably because her mom was a deadbeat and ran off on her and her dad.  We tried once to fix up Hale’s dad and my mom, but that didn’t work out so good.  My mom totally would’ve met him, she’ll meet anybody- I mean, look at how many of us there are- (giggles)  but Hale’s dad didn’t want to.  He passed out the night they were supposed to get together for the first time and...(pauses, blushes) am I talking too much?

*What was your first thought when Hale told you the arrangement between her and Oscar?

I thought, “Girl, you really might marry a guy named OCKER?” LOL   Right there, I thought she lost it, but then I got to talk to him and he was really nice.  I’m into voices, you know?  And he had this really awesome, movie-star kind of voice, all deep and hello...I guess you just have to imagine me saying that because (laughs) you can’t hear me on paper (nervous laugh) obviously...I mean, he just sounded really mature and cute...not cute, he’s totally not what I’d call cute.  Because when I met him, I almost swallowed my gum.  He’s more like (lowers voice again) handsome, you know?  I was kind of embarrassed that we were calling him Ocker (giggles) but he’s really nice and funny and he didn’t care.

*What would you do if you were in that situation?

With Ocker?  (blushes, giggles wildly)  Are you serious?  If I found an Ocker, I’d marry him the second he asked.  I’d marry him before he asked.  I’d drag him down to court office and marry him at the desk.  Oscar’s totally handsome, he’s got a ton of money and you know what?  He’s really in love with Hale.  I’d love to find a guy that was totally in love with me.
*What do you think of Oscar?  You mean, besides how he looks?  I think he’s awesome!  He’s totally into Hale!  I want Hale to have like a hundred little Ocklets, so I can be their aunt!  I would totally spoil them, but Hale’s all femi-nazi about kids.  She wants to (does her responsible voice, while stretching her facial skin downward with her fingertips) have a job and make her own money and not rely on any man to get her anything.  (Lets go of her face)  But between you and me, I think she should totally pop out as many little Ocklets as Oscar wants.  Ocker’s loaded and Hale doesn’t have to work, so I don’t get why she wants to so bad.  Oscar doesn’t seem stingy with his cash at all, so I think she should enjoy it!  

*Since we don’t know a lot about you: tell us a little bit about yourself (the real you)?

(giggles hysterically)  I don’t know...I mean, I’m just me.  I’m Hale’s best friend.  I have three brothers and a little sister, I read a ton, and I’m super good in math.  I should have braces, but we don’t have the money.  I wish I could meet a guy like Oscar too.  I’d be totally fine with getting knocked up and shooting out as many love puppies as he wanted.  Handsome, rich, and nice?  I’d stay in for keeps.  I really would. 

*Do you have any goals to go to college or just work?

I want to go to college.  We’ll see.  I just graduated and my counselor said there are some scholarships I could get, but I’ll have to take out a bunch of student loans and I don’t know how to do all that.  I don’t know how I’d even get to college, since I don’t have a car and the buses are such a huge pain.  My mom said she’d try to get me a job waitressing at the pub she works in on the weekends, so that might be some good money.  My mom could probably use the extra money and quit one of her jobs, but I feel really guilty about that because I don’t really want to go to work and give my mom everything I make.  I don’t want to be stuck like my mom is, but I don’t think I can just ditch my family either.  (nervous, half-hearted laugh) I’ll probably never get out of here.  

*We all know that Misty is so busy, but do you think she will continue Hale and Oscar’s story or possibly do a story about you?

Me?  I’m just Hale’s friend.  (giggles)  But I’d love a story all about me!  Oh my God, I could totally tell you all about the time that I was babysitting and my little brother pushed half an egg salad sandwich up his nose!  Or when my other brother got a hamster from school and named the thing Clyde, but it ended up having like six little hamlets in the bottom of the cage!  Oh!  But then, we lost Clydette for about a week and we thought she was dead in the heating vent or something, but she showed up in our kitchen cupboard.  She was fine.  I have a million stories and I’d love somebody to write them down!  
Thanks for having Sher over to the blog, Mary.

Thank you Sher for being awesome and letting me interview you!!

Now for the GIVEAWAYS:

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