Monday, December 10, 2012

The Reluctant King by Rachel Higginson

Goodreads description:

Avalon St. Andrews has endured Hell and war in an attempt to secure freedom and immortality for his people. Raised and conditioned to be both warrior and leader, he now sits on a throne with his sister Eden, governing the Kingdom in peace. While his people enjoy the benefits of his struggle and loss, he is restless, bored and alone. 

Avalon is summoned to fight to save his people once more as the Kingdom is threatened by a brand new evil. In addition to reigning in a kingship he doesn’t want, he is fighting against the very people he has fought so hard to protect. They are determined to throw away their newfound freedom and their newfound leaders.

In this war and in this kingship he feels alone. And for the first time he feels hollow. That is until Amelia Cartier shows up, invading his every thought and shaking up his carefully controlled world.

Now he faces yet another battle—making Amelia his queen.


Rachel Higginson do you even know how talented you are?? If anyone has ever read any of this site you know that Rachel Higginson holds a special please in my Book Nerd Heart.  I will read anything and everything she writes HOWEVER this series is near and dear to me!!

Best part of the book: Oh holy stars this book is full of twist and turns and LOVE!! Yes, Kiran is in this book even though this is from Avalon's point-of-view! I love Kiran, always will! Everyone is back in this book, which makes me so very happy!  I love that Rachel made this book just as exciting as the others!! I couldn't put it down and LOVED EVERY WORD!!  Rachel Higginson left us with a great cliffhanger and (yes) I shed a tear!

Not so great about book:  This book is awesome! The "mission", the twists and the LOVE is everything I could hope for.

Now I am patiently waiting for the next part of this series!

If you want to purchase the book, you can here:

If you haven't read the Star cross series here is the first book. It is free:

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