Thursday, December 13, 2012

BLOG TOUR: Love and Skate by Lila Felix

Lila Felix is quickly making an awesome name for herself in the indie-author community!  I just love her!! Her latest book, Love and Skate, is another BIG HIT!

I was so lucky, on this part of the Blog Tour I was able to interview Nellie.  I just love her and she is an outstanding character!

Please enjoy!! Oh and Nellie spilled the beans on something .... READ ON!

Oh, Nellie I am so glad that you took time from you busy schedule to answer a few questions!

*What is the one thing that you love the most about being roller derby player?

Is it wrong to say the pushing?  The fighting?  The throwing myself backwards into another player and knocking them down?  A girl’s got to work off some steam, right?

*Have you even been seriously hurt while playing a game?

No, I’ve really been lucky.  I’ve seen some girls take some really bad hits though.  One girl snapped her leg and the bone stuck out.  Gross and ouch.

*What is the one thing that you love most about the bookstore?

I love the customers.  I really, really do.  We all share a common bond.  

*What is your favorite book?

Jane Eyre, hands down.  The Bronte sisters knew how to write a romance.

*We all know that you love to change her hair color, but which is your favorite?

There’s this new girl, Reed on our team now and she is rocking this light orange color.  I wanna try that.  But for me, I guess blue.  Because Owen loves the blue.  Things went right for us when I had blue hair.
*What was your first thought when you finally figured out your feelings for Owen?

Bliss.  Nothing is perfect, even love, but Owen and I are perfect together.  It’s magic.

*What is your ideal perfect date with Owen?

My ideal date with Owen is simple. Whenever and wherever he is, that’s ideal.  

*Will Lila be writing anymore stories of Owen and yourself?

*Looks around for Lila and then whispers* Ok, Lila would seriously whip my butt for telling you this. So, the next book is called How It Rolls and Owen and I will be in it, but it’s about Falcon.  And a hint?  You know that new girl on our team named Reed?  Yeah, that’s all I’m gonna say.  

JUMPS UP AND DOWN!!! I cannot wait for the next chapter of this story!!

If you haven't read Love and Skate you can purchase it here:

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    1. Thank you Lila!! Don't be to hard on Nellie for spilling the beans ;)

  2. Oh yeah! Really looking forward to Falcon's story! I loved Love and Skate! Thanks for the wonderful interview!

    1. Oh I love Love and Skate. I am very excited about the upcoming stories!!