Saturday, December 8, 2012

Madison's Life Lessons (The Road to Hell .5) by Gracen Miller

Goodreads description:

Fate can mark one early for a particular future.

Madison Wescott’s life is Hell on earth. Her father, a Baptist Preacher, convinces her she’s morally corrupt when men notice her blooming beauty. She strives to be unnoticeable, but nothing satisfies her condemning parents. 

And sometimes fate has nothing to do with one’s potential.

Temptation rears its head when Micah Dominus visits her father’s church on Christmas morning, but she is unprepared for her physical reaction to him. Frightened by her own emotions, she is grateful she’ll never see him again. But when he shows up again at a friend’s funeral, and at other times in her life, she’s swayed by his charisma. Micah becomes her white knight through the good and bad, but can they create the perfect life together? Or has she just located the beginning of the Road to Hell?

Supernatural forces more powerful than fate can claim one’s destiny…


I kept hearing about this book series from my three dear friends: Candace, Kathryn and Kelly.  They kept going on and on an on ..... OMG, you think they liked it or something!! *HAHA* So, I caved and read this book first because the girls told me it was prequel to the series.

Best part of the book: I learned a about Madison's life as a teenager and what a mess she lived in.  The part I enjoyed the most was the mystery of Micah!  There is something deeper going on but the prequel doesn't reveal all the details.  It is a quick story that shows the relationship between Micah and Madison and I LOVED IT!

Not so great about the book:  It was REALLY FAST!  Its about 130 pages or so and you get A LOT of information!!  I had to remember that this was a prequel and the series would be more in depth.

I would tell everyone to read this first!  Plus, I want to thank my girls for getting me hooked onto another series!!

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