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BOOK REVIEW: Daughter of the Earth and Sky (Daughters of Zeus #2) by Kaitlin Bevis

Goodreads description:

Some vows can never be broken.

Persephone thought she could go back to her normal life after returning from the Underworld. She was wrong.
The goddess Aphrodite is born among the waves with more charm than she can control. Zeus is stalking Persephone and her loved ones, and Thanatos is no longer content with Persephone’s silence.

He wants her soul.

Persephone can’t tell anyone about Thanatos’ betrayal, and it drives a wedge between her and Hades. Her mother is still keeping secrets, and Melissa’s jealousy of Aphrodite threatens to tear their friendship apart.
Alone, Persephone turns to a human boy for comfort. But will their relationship put him in danger?
Sacrifices must be made, and Persephone must choose between her human life and her responsibilities as a goddess. If she doesn’t, she could lose them both.
But will either life be worth choosing once Zeus is through with her?


First, I need to thank Kaitlin Bevis for two things.  1) Thank you for the book 2) thank you for Hades (ya, never thought I would say that I am in love with Hades)

Second, I need to calm down before I write this review because I am still reeling from the book.  OMG!  I thought book 1: Persephone was good, but this was WAY BETTER!

Lastly, OMG!!! I need book 3 so badly .... and I have to wait............ *hangs head*

Best part of the book:  Ok, I am just going to say it .. *clears throat* Hello.  My name is Mary and I am in love with Hades.  *phew* glad I got that out of the way. Now onto the review!!

I need to say this, Kaitlin Bevis knows how to write!! Let me explain, I am a HUGE Greek-Geek.  I have loved Greek Mythology most of my life.  I have never (not one time, ever) thought of loving Hades.  He is the God of the Underworld, why love him? Kaitlin puts him in a whole different light and in this book I just love him more!

At the end of Book 1 Persephone was heading back to her mother's realm, to go back to school and be normal.  Well, that didn't really happen!  She made a promise to Thanatos and Hades can't quite figure it out.  There were at times in this book that I just wanted to grab Persephone and hug her.  When you read this book you forget that she is still so young and just needs friends/family to help her.

Then there Hades.  He seems to always be on the verge of telling Persephone his feelings but stops every time. (that kills me).  He wants to protect her too from her father, Zeus, and he can't because she keeps pulling away.  Oh, Hades.

Not so great about book:  The one (and only) thing that is wrong with this book is that there is another cliffhanger and I do not have book 3. *hangs head* I am so impatient ........

If you want to purchase Book 1: Persephone (and you really really should) you can here:

If you want to purchase this book, you can here:

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