Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fictional Boyfriend: Mycah Nightly (SPECIAL GUEST POST)

This week is a little bit different!!  I (Mary) normally do the Friday Fictional Boyfriends; however, this week we have a special guest sharing her favorite fictional boyfriend.  My dear friend @Camelot77 is going to tell her about Mycah Nightly.  On top of that, I am hosting a blog tour this week from the book where Mycah hails, Sweet Oblivion by Bailey Ardisone.

So, here is @Camelot77 and "her" Mycah Nightly:

Mycah *swoon & sigh* Nightly, I can never manage to say his name with out a little sigh at the end. Now I'm not going to lie, I have been in love with fictional boys before. Then I met Mycah *sigh* he makes all other boys nonexistent. This is very difficult to try and explain Mycah with just a few, daring, sexy, mysterious, sexy,  passionate, sexy,  brave, sexy, loyal, did I say sexy yet???

First, Mycah saves Nari from her drunken, violent step father. Second, when Nari is thrown into a series of mysterious events, Mycah not only steps in to help Nari, he willingly risks his own life to save here's  Third, Mycah is very mysterious. He never tells Nari where he sneaks off to,  just that he can't stay away from her for long because they're magnetically drawn together. Nari asks Mycah if it's become a habit of his to rescue her all the time. To which replies "I think it's more of an addiction" *squeeeeeeel*  Last, but not least he has a British accent!! Is that not just the icing on the sexy cake that is Mycah????

I fell in love with Mycah from the moment he first saved Nari, but what sealed my fate & made my heart forever Mycah's was when he tells Nari his astonishing secret. All because he  deeply loves he & desperately wants her in his life.

Want more of Mycah? Go grab Bailey Ardisone's Sweet Oblivion.......just remember Mycah is MINE *clears throat & fixes hair* I mean you'll love him too.

You can purchase Mycah....well, the book here:


  1. Haha, Kells! Love it! Does that mean you might leave MY boyfriends alone??? Got to get to this book...<3

  2. Shells, your boyfriend is ALL your's!! Yes you DO need to read this book!!!