Tuesday, February 5, 2013

BLOG TOUR: Love Lines Series by Diana Nixon

I just love Diana Nixon and her series so much!  Each book just keeps getting better and better.  Being part of this tour is a real honor for me!

With this stop of the tour, you will be reading a teaser from each of the books in the series (thus far)

Love Lines (Love Lines #1):

There were about ten students in the audience. They all stood in a circle, in the center of which there was a large crystal bowl full of water. Evan and I came closer to see better what was happening there. 

All of the students one by one approached the bowl and dipped their hands into the water. Then everybody pulled wet hands in front of them, and began to create some figure with their eyes closed. Watching Christian work yesterday, it seemed to me that the fire was like coming out of his hands, but now the students were using a different method. The water in the bowl rose into the air with a million drops that scattered in the opposite directions. Each drop was transformed into an element of a future image. When all the drops were like little stars, a few people raised their hands above, as if they were pulling over a portion of them. As a result, the stars transformed into the words, and the words, in their turn - into the whole sentence.

“Per aspera ad astra,” I read aloud.
“Through the thorns to the stars,” translated from the Latin Evan.

Songs of the Wind (Love Lines #2)

Amanda gave me one of those evil glances in response, but said nothing. A second later her pillow hit my back. 

“Oh, I know you are crazy about me!” I said, turning around and catching it half way to the floor. “And you are flirting with me! Wanna play, babe?” I teased her with a lazy smile. “I like throwing pillows. I can imagine you and me, fighting in a downy sea. Sounds tempting, huh? That would be a hilarious night!” 

She knew I wasn’t serious and despite her bad mood and exhaustion she laughed genuinely and said, “In your dreams, Evan, in your dreams.”  

“Well, I think it’s time for me to go,” Tara said, heading for the door. “I’m not in a mood for throwing pillows.” She smiled. “And I have to find a spare room to stay in.”   
“Do you want me to accompany you?” I suggested hesitantly. 

She stopped, her hand already on the doorknob. 

"Thanks, Evan, but I remember where the guest rooms are.”

“Looks like someone has just been brushed off.” Amanda giggled from under her blanket. 

“I would really appreciate if you’d just go to sleep and stay silent,” I hissed, settling myself to sleep on a rented couch. “By the way, I think it’s yours,” I added, tossing her a pillow I was still holding in my hands. 

From Scratch (Love Lines #2.5)

The moment our car stopped at the entrance to Christian's house, I regretted coming there. All I wanted was to run away unseen. Eileen would be upset of course, but I doubted I was ready to stand so many fairy lights, smiles, food and wishes. 

"Just relax, Evan," Eileen said, watching my inner struggles. Every step to the front door felt like a shot straight to my heart. People were laughing inside the house and the sound of their laughter made me sick. I didn't belong there. 

"Sure." I tried to smile, suppressing the impulse to escape. "Keep sneering, Dear. It surely stops me from killing you right away. What the hell, Eileen? You were supposed to be my friend! Kind and understanding. But you dragged my ass here and now you ask me to relax? And the only thing I need to call this night successful is a meeting with our beloved Amanda."

"Everything's gonna be okay, Evan. Don't worry," Christian said. "You know how much my family loves you. They will never make you feel unwelcome." 

"Well, thank you, my friend! You always seem to say the right thing to lift my spirits." I rolled my eyes. "I'm pretty sure this time their attempts to cheer me up will end up with me locking myself in one of your rooms to sit out this damn Christmas there."

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