Monday, February 18, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: The Day The Siren Stopped by Colette Cabot

Goodreads description:

Kathy Mae had endured years of dismissals, poverty and abuse for reasons that were never understandable to her. Since a small child, she has always been told how useless and worthless she was; and growing up she believed it. Now, nearly 30, she has decided to stop living that life and make a new one for herself.

She checks out a self-help book from the local library that is supposed to change her life, and boy does it! With stubborn determination she finds herself with a new job, a life, and more surprising than anything, a new man.

This intriguing man sees her for herself, for what she truly is... beautiful.

Her life becomes an adventure as she finds herself in the throes of passion one minute and running for her life from a tornado the next. She boldly faces her fears and learns about who she truly is.

Kathy’s life goes from another stepping stone in the circle of poverty to a new revelation that fate has other plan’s for her. She discovers an unbelievable secret- that she is an heiress to a fortune! Kathy learns that once she takes that first step in her life she goes on a whirlwind of adventure that will lead her finally to her soul-mate and reveal who she truly is.

An enduring romance story about love, struggle and eternal hope.

Mary's Review:

I would first like to thank the author for the book for an honest review:

The description/blurb sums this book up very well.  This is a very very fast read! I was surprised that I finished it so fast.  Even though it was a Cinderella Story, there was some parts lacking.  Nonetheless, I enjoyed the story.

Best part of the story:  I enjoyed seeing Kathy Mae blossom from feeling like nothing into being someone.  Kathy Mae worked just a few hours a week at the local library and she discovered a self-help book.  She lived with her aunt because her mother and father (both drug-heads) left her.  She lived a very hard life.  After reading and taking the advice of the book she got a new job and gained some confidence.  Then walks in Mason Wheelwright.  He must have the oddest jobs, that I have read: he raises camels.  Strange, right?! But, it adds to the story!  Well, their relationship blossoms (quickly) and then it just tappers off a bit.  Then there is a tornado that hits the town (hence, the title) and their love resumes.  Then Colette Cabot throws a twist in there that I did not even see coming and then Kathy Mae has to figure out her life all over again!

Not so great about book:  This book is fast paced!  I mean, really fast!  I wish it would have slowed down a bit and been more of Mason and Kathy Mae's relationship.  Kathy Mae went from not being sure of her life, to gaining a lot of confidence in the matter of a chapter!  I liked the author's story and style of writing, but I wish it would have slowed down a bit.

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