Saturday, July 21, 2012

CRASH by Nicole Williams

Goodreads Description:

Southpointe High is the last place Lucy wanted to wind up her senior year of school. Right up until she stumbles into Jude Ryder, a guy whose name has become its own verb, and synonymous with trouble. He's got a rap sheet that runs longer than a senior thesis, has had his name sighed, shouted, and cursed by more women than Lucy dares to ask, and lives at the local boys home where disturbed seems to be the status quo for the residents. Lucy had a stable at best, quirky at worst, upbringing. She lives for wearing the satin down on her ballet shoes, has her sights set on Juilliard, and has been careful to keep trouble out of her life. Up until now. 

Jude's everything she needs to stay away from if she wants to separate her past from her future. Staying away, she's about to find out, is the only thing she's incapable of. 

For Lucy Larson and Jude Ryder, love's about to become the thing that tears them apart.

Mary's Review:

I love Nicole Williams.  She actually wrote the Eternal Eden series and Patrick Chronicles series.  I love them all!

I did not realize that she was writing another book until I saw one of my twitter friends and fellow blogger, The Autumn Review tweet it.  I rushed to Amazon and purchased it and started reading it! I am so glad that I did.  Nicole Williams did not disappoint!

Lucy and her family moved to their cabin because they were having some financial issues.  Right before her senior year was to begin she met, Jude Ryder.  According to the town rumors, if you looked in the dictionary under "bad-boy" you would see Jude's picture.  However, there was something about him that Lucy could not help.  Enter Sawyer: the town rich kid, killer looks, and all around boy next door.  He is also trying to win over Lucy from Jude.  On top of that, there is a secret in Lucy's past that she is still dealing with.

I was wishy-washy about which team I wanted to be on.  Jude the bad-boy or Sawyer the boy next door.  It was until the end that I was 100% TEAM JUDE! Nicole Williams sure knows how to keep a Book Nerd on edge!! There was TWO HUGE TWIST in this book that I NEVER SAW COMING!

It was a quick and amazing read.  I would recommend to everyone!

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