Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Forgotten Souls (The Saving Angels #2) by Tiffany King

Goodreads Description:

Any chance Krista Miller had at a normal teenage life is now gone. Less than a year ago she lived under the radar, avoiding any relationships that would send her emotional sensitivities out of control. Little did she know that her life was destined for something more. Something that will test her very soul.

After facing certain death at the hands of the man responsible for their mysterious past, Krista and her friends learn the truth behind their origins and the purpose for their newly discovered abilities. Now, they must band together to fulfill their inherited, sacred duty. As Guides and Protectors, they must save Mankind's Forgotten Souls before they are lost forever.

Mary's Review:

At this very moment I cannot form a sentence!  The reason I am saying this is because I just finished Forgotten Souls. JUST FINISHED IT and I am still on an emotional roller coaster.  I cannot believe it!

*breathe* Let's start at the beginning:

Krista and Mark are safe from their ordeal with Victor.  Well, as safe as they can be.  Shawn and Krista have figured out that they are brother/sister,  Robert and Lynn have official joined their band and lets not forget Sam is still around making everyone laugh.  Now, they just need some training and who better than an archangel, Haniel.  It seems that things are progressing well until Haniel brings in another band to help with a fight that is getting ready to take place.

Not long after that all hell breaks lose (pun intended) and I am pretty sure Tiffany King is trying to kill me with the ending of this book for 2 reasons.  1) I cried my eyes out and 2) she left us with a HUGE cliffhanger.  Sometime free will is more powerful than love (just saying)!

I am onto book 3!

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