Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Labrador of the Rings by Katella Stegmann

Amazon summary:

Crossport, Idaho is a small town with a big secret. For many centuries the secluded city has been guarded by a group of werewolves who are sworn to keep humans safe. The job of a werewolf is never done. As long as evil exists it is up to the good guys to keep the world out of danger. The supernatural world is crawling with threatening beings with no regard for human life.

Cassie Hill and her rambunctious family are faced with a new threat and a brewing war. Cassie attempts to deal with old foes returning, a long distance relationship, and new challenges that push the Lupos to their limits. The beginning of an epic battle between good and evil has the odds stacked against them, but they refuse to give up.

In an action packed world of vampires, werewolves, witches, and hybrids the Lupos waver through their troubles like any other family. By sticking together. Throughout their tedious duties they still find a way to enjoy life, whether it’s having philosophical conversations or putting out accidental fires caused by smiley face pancakes.

All of your favorite characters return in the third installment of the Barking Mad Werewolves series in which the pack begins to grow up in their own right. It is a tale with a little bit of Romeo and Juliet, a smidgen of Star Wars, and a ton of barking mad werewolves.

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Mary's review:

OK, I need to calm myself down before I write this review because in this book 3 I cried, laughed, yelled, and now dislike Jackson ... A LOT!

On the plus side of this book I saw Cassie really grow up.  Oh and I am TEAM CONNER now!  The Lupos thought Devon was taken care of ... wrong! Now, we have the witch Macy involved to bring down the Lexiv Guard and to help with Devon.  The Guard want Devon's ring that Cassie is still guarding and let's not forget that Devon wants it back too.

I was a mess after reading this book. I did not think I could handle anymore stress while reading this.  The twist and turns of this series keeps a reader on the edge of their seat.

The one thing that I did not like .... is that Book 4 will not be out until later this year......

UGH! I do not know if I can wait that long .................

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