Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sleeping Handsome by Jean Haus

Goodreads description:

Paige should have never agreed to do her best friend’s project. Reading to a boy in a coma is just plain creepy, but her English teacher somehow thinks her acting skills make it the perfect community service match.But when she finds the boy’s journal hidden among his books, things turn from creepy to interesting.

Mary's Review:

This book is very SHORT.  It was about 60 pages or so.  However, it was a really great read.  Zach is in a coma and Paige reads to him as part of her punishment for cheating.  Paige was going through his books, to figure out what to read next, and found his journal.  She began to read that to him and she growing to really care about him.

It was not until one dad that Zach's mom talks to her that something happens between Zach and her's "relationship".

This was really cute and quick read.  I actually wish it was longer just to see more of their relationship.


  1. I really liked this story. It was funny and cute.

    1. It was and I did not realize that there was a book 2! I got it the other day!