Monday, July 9, 2012

Teen Idol by Meg Cabot

Me and Meg Cabot last year. Aren't we adorable?!
"High school junior Jenny Greenley is so good at keeping secrets that she's the school newspaper's anonymous advice columnist. She's so good at it that, when hotter-than-hot Hollywood star Luke Striker comes to her small town to research a role, Jenny is the one in charge of keeping his identity under wraps. But Luke doesn't make it easy, and soon everyone—the town, the paparazzi, and the tabloids alike—know his secret...and Jenny is caught right in the middle of all the chaos." (from Goodreads)

Flo's Summary:
This book was so adorable! Really, that is the best way I can describe it. I know I'm late to the party, but I really love these types of stories from Meg Cabot. (Another example is All-American Girl which I also just loved to bits.) Seriously, it's like chick lit at its best. I loved the idea of Jenny sitting on the porch just chatting away with a big movie star. I loved all the scenes about the Troubadours and poor Jenny's uncoordinated dancing. And really -- what's not to love about Scott Bennett? He's a writer AND he cooks?! I'm in! Not to mention the idea of affecting social change at your high school? Win. 

Short summary -- Craving a light, fun read? Pick up Teen Idol.

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  1. You are SOOO lucky. You get so many authors down where you live. Very cool :)