Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dear Teen Me Blog Tour

Book Nerds Across America is happy to host a stop on the Dear Teen Me Blog Tour! This book is just the bestest thing ever. It was inspired by a blog that became so popular that it led to a book. I really enjoyed reading this one for several reasons. First, since it's not a straight, chronological story, I just hopped around reading letters here and there that caught my eye. I kept saying to myself, "Okay, just one more and then I'll stop..." but then I'd thumb through and find another one. Secondly, it's more than just letters: there are pictures of bad hair and cartoons and Q &'s a whole lot of fun! Third, a variety of letters was nicely assembled. Some made me laugh, some made me nostalgic, and some even brought me to tears. The letters covered everything from crushes to thoughts of suicide and everything in between. It just goes to show what a memorable time of your life your teens are, no matter what the reason. Of course, as I was reading it, I was thinking of two things: First, this song that I love by Brad Paisley called "Letter To Me," which is basically what this book is about:

Isn't it great?! Second, it made me want to write my own Dear Teen Me letter. Click on the "More" button to hear what I have to say to my teen self after the jump.

Dear Teen Me,
Would it surprise you to know that years in the future you are still keeping these diaries? Or that in the future, you will go back and read them and be very happy that you documented everything? Because as hard as it may be to believe, you will forget some of the minor and major details. I hope so. I hope ten years in the future that reading the diaries I keep now will make me smile the same way that reading my high school diaries do.

I have a quote for you by Kobi Yamada: "Sometimes you just have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down." There are many quotes that will come to define your life, and this is one of them. You are having a blast, of course, but you are hesitant and VERY worried about the future. What if I told you that life would be just fine if you did not have perfect grades? Or that it's okay that you didn't do so well on the SAT? And that you may not get the score you want on the AP English test, but that that class is one of the most influential one you'll take -- a beacon for what's to come?

Take a few more risks. I'm not saying be irresponsible and dumb, and I know you won't. I'm just saying that you'll find if you step outside your comfort zone, your comfort zone will expand. And if you fall on your face, it won't be the horrible tragedy that you think it will. You may get hurt, but it'll be like a scraped knee -- pick yourself up, dust it off, and keep going forward. I know that seems really crazy right now, but trust me -- it's not that bad when you've done it a few times ;-p Try it.

The seeds of your life are being planted right now in ways you cannot know. Your faith, your love of travel, your dedication to hard work, many of your deepest friendships -- the roots lie NOW, in this time.

Just a few random things: I know you don't want to take Spanish because everyone else is doing it, but really, it would help you out more in the future. Also, look into studying abroad during college because you'll otherwise always be a little sad you didn't do it while you could. And, finally, you know how they say at the SEARCH retreat that, "The best is yet to come"? WOW. That is SO TRUE. I cannot wait for you to experience your life!

I love you, beautiful girl--

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