Sunday, November 4, 2012

Under a Blood Moon by Jean Haus

Goodreads description: 

Living with her erratic mother has always been a struggle for seventeen-year-old Margot. Though she loves her mother, she tries to be the exact opposite of her flighty and disorganized parent. When they move to Northern Michigan near a grandmother and uncle she’s never known, her mother’s depression begins to border on crazy, which makes Margot crazy.

Her escape comes in the form of a boy named Ethan. At first, he’s just looking for a new girlfriend — someone different from all the girls he’s dated in their small town — and Margot’s just interested in the distraction he provides. But within weeks against her mother’s rule about not dating, Margot’s comparing the need to breath with Ethan. 

Then the combination of a killer wolf in the woods and her grandmother’s revelations about their family has Margot pushing Ethan away. Because if the unbelievable is true, Margot will become that wolf in the woods...

Mary's Review:

First, I need to thank Jean for the book for me to review.  She has quickly become one of my favorite authors and I am loving this book just as much as I have the others.

Best part of book:  Talk about a different take on werewolves!! Jean has one of the most creative minds that I have read in a long time.  I love her writing style, her imagination and her love of the characters.  Even, if its a bad character you can still see how much she cares about them and I love that!  This book was SO GOOD!  I mean, REALLY GOOD! Margot thinks her mother is crazy.  They are always on the move and her mother is also acting strange.  Now, Margot will do anything for her mom but she doesn't know how much more she can take.  Then one night her mother and her are on the move again and stop at a rest stop.  It is there that Margot's uncle appears and take them to her grandmother.  Margot, had no clue about this family and she didn't understand why they wanted to help now.  On top of that, Margot is almost 18 and is ready to head to college and be away from all the madness.  Then Ethan comes into Margot's life.  I love the way the meet! It is a little crazy and strange but it fitting for the story.  I love that Ethan is there for Margot, even when she doesn't want him to be.  Of course the twist of the story is when Margot's mother "loses it" and the truth about Margot's family comes to light.  CRAZY!!  It is so cool how Jean does this story and how is all molds together! JUST LOVE IT!!

Not so great about the book: I would not change one thing in this book!! NOT ONE THING!!  Jean has wrote a great book and I think that everyone should read it!!

You can purchase the book here ---->>>>Under a Blood Moon

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