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Cover Reveal: Songs of the Wind by Diana Nixon BONUS Character Interview with Evan and a Surprise

I was so happy when Diana Nixon contacted me to be part of the Cover Reveal Party for Songs Of The Wind.  I had recently reviewed book 1 of this series called: Love Lines.  The moment I finished that book I could not wait for this book to be finished.

Songs Of The Wind will be release around the end of November or early December and I cannot wait for it.

Now for the cover:

The full book jacket:

This beautiful book cover was done by Jennifer Munswami.  If you want to see more of her work please click here.

The bonus part of this big cover reveal is an interview with Evan.  Besides Christian, Evan is one of my favorite characters in this series.  He is funny, serious when need to be and a great friend!

Here is the interview:

We know about Christian and Eileen, but we need to know more about you.  So:
What is it like to be a student of Wizardry at Dever?

It's like being the most awesome bad guys in the world with the unlimited permission to cast spells without being punished:) Everyone wants to become Wizardy, because possessing magic is like an out-of-reach dream that people want to make come true. But in reality being Wizardy means so much more than that. Magic lives inside everyone of us, but if we don't learn how to control it, it will turn our life into everyday struggle with ourselves. Our powers are very dangerous. Possessing magic needs more concentration and energy than anything else. If you spend too much energy you will die. But if you learn how to control your powers and impulses your life will be amazing. The main thing here is not to forget that possessing magic is a gift that should be cherished and not to be used to do evil. 

How did you meet Christian?

It was a very funny story. Christian burned my eyebrows. Like literally burned them!:) It was Monday morning and we all know that Mondays are 'the best' days of the week. I call them my lucky days. I was going to my classes, but somehow I forgot which audience the first one was going to be in, so I opened the door of the first classroom and was immediately locked in a circle of fire, created by my to-be best friend. As it turned out I wasn't the one who Christian expected to see at the threshold as he was having a practical training where he and his group mate named Paul were learning how to block the unexpected attacks. Of course, I couldn't have expected any attack that morning, so I froze, shocked and the moment I realized what was going on my eyebrows were gone:) The first thought in my head was to him pay back, but then I saw the unbelievably beautiful fiery waves, flowing in the air. I'd never met a person with such a strong power of fire in his hands and I immediately forgot about my revenge. By the way, I still haven't paid him back! I should probably remind Christian of his debt one day:) 

We all know that it is crazy right now in Eileen and Christian lives.  Do you a plan to help them that you might be about to share with us?

I wish they were able to do everything on their own, but somehow I'm sure they will mess it up without me:) And I don't want to miss the fun! Besides, Mrs. Lanster still owes me one for hours of my precious time and energy spent on his search. So I can't let him go just like that. And I can't let my friends down no matter how much I want to have at least one day of peace and quiet. Looks like it's not gonna happen any time soon:) Now when we know that Christian has been kidnapped I need to protect Eileen, because if anything happens to her in his absence he will fry me alive for sure:) And I'm so not ready to die right now, and I don't want to lose my best friend. So I will do my best to drag him back from Eric's dream, even if to succeed I will have to sacrifice another few weeks of good sleep:) 

Will Tara be helping with this plan at all?

That's the problem that she will! I'm not sure I'm ready to work side by side with her. There were too many memories left in Dever that I can't step over, pretending that nothing has ever happened between us. But as I have already said, I have to be strong and leave my complaints for later as there are too many other people who need my help now. And I will be damned first if I ever show anyone how much I suffered from losing Tara. She dumped me and I still keep wondering why...

We saw that your brother is going to make an appearance in Song of the Wind.  Will there be any other family members?

It looks like my whole family is going to show up out of nowhere:) You will find out more about them and some facts about my life that I would gladly take out of my head forever. Too bad no magic can change our past. 

If you could be anything other than a Wizard, who would you be?

I don't think I would ever like to be anyone else. Just kidding, of course:) Sometimes I wish I was just a human living my life the way I wanted it to be and not the way it was predicted by my destiny. We, the creatures of the world of supernatural are hostages of our future. We can change only a small part of it, but the main rules of the game we are all involved in never change. We live, hiding in the mountains, developing our talents until one day we are forced to face the real world, where there is no place for anyone of us, because people like me were not supposed to exist. Though sometimes our super powers help us to fit ourselves to living among humans. Most of Embry students become doctors; Vero graduates can become excellent lawyers, protecting truth and revealing falsehood. Meridins are the best astrologists. But wizards like me will never be able to pretend being normal. That's why we usually get stuck in our secret world forever, working for the Council, teaching new Dever's students or inventing new magical spells. But I want my life to be different and I will do my best to cheat my fate:)

Now for my final question and BIG SURPRISE:

Could we get a sneak peek of some of the adventures that will appear in Song of the Wind?

"All the surroundings were trembling with vivid energy, thunder blasts and lightning. And the mountain we were standing on just a few seconds ago was now falling to pieces right in front of our eyes, turning into a pile of huge spalls. The sky was dark and cloudy. The snow was falling heavily to the ground, mixing everything with mud and water. And the wind was sharp and cold, making us shiver. But we didn’t really care as at that very moment we were crossing the line of reality."

Thank you Diana Nixon for letting be part of this beautiful cover reveal.  Thank you Evan for taking time to speak with me AND giving us a small look into Songs Of The Wind.

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  1. Let me think about it for a second...yep, he is still my favorite character from Love Lines ^_^

    Love the interview.