Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tainted Legacy by Amity Hope

Goodreads description: 

Ava St. Clair simply wants to finish up the last few months of her senior year while having some fun with her friends. That is, until she finds Gabe Castille battered and bloody on her doorstep. She has no idea just how much her world is about to change because while she has always believed in Heaven and angels, she’s never given explicit thought to their counterparts. 

Gabe’s entire life has consisted of lies, misery and a family he loathes but is unable to escape. When he is ordered to integrate himself into Ava’s life, he doesn’t dare question the reason. He doesn’t expect to find Ava tolerable, let alone likeable. The last thing he expects is to fall in love with her.

When he realizes he is in control of Ava's fate, he needs to make a choice. Will she find safety with him or will he be the one to deliver her into the hands of pure evil?

Mary's Review:

I read Amity Hope's book Twisted not too long ago and LOVED it.  Amity then reached out to me to review Tainted Legacy and I jumped at the chance.  She is such an amazing writer I knew this book was going to be good.  Well, I was so wrong about the book being good ........BECAUSE IT WAS GREAT!! 

Best Part of Book: GABE!!! Gabe is the best part of this book.  Now, don't get me wrong I loved Ava and Grier too but Gabe stole my heart.  At first, I just couldn't figure him out.  Was he good or was he bad or was he just playing all sides?  Amity kept me guessing all the way until the big reveal.  Then I thought there was going to be a Happy Ending and all will be well......NOPE! Amity pulled the carpet from under me and I was sent into a Book Nerd Crying Fit!! She was killing me!! Thank goodness there is a Book 2: Pure Redemption .

Not so great about book:  THE ENDING!!  Oh, I cried so hard and I didn't even see it coming! ugh! I have to read book 2 because I need to know what happens.

Trust me:  you need to read this book!!! You can purchase it here--->>>Tainted Legacy (YA Paranormal Romance)

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