Thursday, November 22, 2012

Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley #1) by Faith McKay

Goodreads description:

Ever since Samantha Winthrop's mother moved them to Lacuna Valley, supposedly in search of better weather, the list of strange questions she has no answers for has been growing out of control.

Does her little sister, Violet, have the ability to make things happen just by "praying" for them? Are Sam's dreams really predicting the future? Is she destined to marry the boy she just met, and what is the mysterious orb that he's guarding? Why does she get the impression that there are dangerous creatures watching from the woods?

While Sam should be focusing on answering those questions, there is one other that makes them seem almost irrelevant: Is her mother planning on killing her and Violet?

Mary's Review

I would like to thank Faith McKay for this book for review purposes.

This is a very different story line.  Let me explain: 1) Sam and Violet's mother is trying to kill them (literally!).  She is crazy! She needs the girls to carry out her plan but once the plan is finished, she will not need them anymore.  2) Violet is special.  When she "prayers" for people or something it happens.  Sam is special.  Her dreams (though they are a bit sketchy) are predicting the future and all she wants to do is protect her sister.  3) Nick is special.  He is destined to marry Sam and his future is already planned out for him.  This does not make him happy because he doesn't really want this life.  He doesn't want Sam to be burden with this life, but knows that she will be part of it.

Best Part of the Book:  I loved the relationship between Sam and Nick.  It is not a perfect relationship but they are there for each other, when it counts.  I love their sense of humor and their love of music.  Plus, Nick's collection of sunglasses! I love how Violet is so young and knows that she is special, but doesn't want to hurt anyone.  You have to remember that she is just 9 years old.

Not so great about book:  The only thing that I didn't like about this book was the cliffhanger.  But, that is just me.  I cannot wait for Book 2 to see what happens.

You can purchase the book here --->>>Prophecy Girl (Lacuna Valley)

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