Wednesday, November 7, 2012

COVER REVEAL: Crushed by Amity Hope

Amity Hope has quickly becomes one of my favorite authors!! She is currently working on a new book  called: CRUSHED.  I am very excited about this.


Reece knew how ridiculous it was to think that he was going to end up with the girl he dated in high school. It’s not exactly the 50’s or even the 80’s anymore. But he had foolishly thought that he and Cleo had a chance. They’d spent a whole lot of junior year talking about their future. They’d clicked in a way that went far deeper than he ever thought possible. They’d grown close over things that were far more intense than issues people their age usually had to face. So, ridiculous or not, he had thought he and Cleo would be forever.

But then without warning, the minute school got out for the summer, she’d ripped his heart out and tossed it back to him.

So obviously, he had been wrong. And now that summer vacation is over and senior year is starting, he’s not sure how he’s going to be able to deal with seeing her every day. Now that she’s so over him.

Or…maybe she’s not?

Because what Reece doesn’t know is that Cleo has a secret. If it had been up to her? She would never have let him go.

Now for the cover:

Oh, I cannot wait! As soon as I know a release date or if any teasers are released I will let you know!