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BLOG TOUR: Face the Music by Andrea K. Robbins


Title: Face the Music
by: Andrea K. Robbins
Publication Date: 6/14/2012
Genre: Contemporary
Age Group: New Adult


After losing her mother in a tragic accident, Allison Banks takes on the sole responsibility of caring for her little sister, her young niece, and her disabled grandmother. When her long-term boyfriend walks out, offering little in the way of explanation, Allison is left totally confused and utterly heartbroken. To cope, the 24-year-old closes herself off to any serious relationships and dives into her work as a graduate student.

Needing the extra income, Allison takes a job for the hot, new, reality TV show, Superstardom. Captivated by the competition’s front-runner, the mysterious and sexy singer, Chris Knots, Allison dismisses her attraction as nothing more than a silly, school-girl crush. But, when the hunky performer reveals an interest of his own, Allison must work through her reservations and decide if there’s room in her life for something more.


May just gush over this book?  What a fantastic read?  I was worried a little bit when I read the blurb because my first though was "Great an American Idol book" *eye roll*.  See, I don't watch American Idol, in fact, I don't want an reality TV and I was worried this was going to be like that. 

Well, Andrea Robbins has the right to kick me in the shin because this book was nothing like that!  Allie is an amazing character.  Her mother dies from a car accident, her boyfriend pretty much leaves without her even knowing and she has her sister and niece.  Let us not forget that she is going to graduate school.  The girl works all the time!  Well, she becomes the teacher for the young starlets of the show Superstardom.  (it seems to be like American Idol, but different) It is there that Allie meets Chris Knots.

*insert swoon here*  Chris Knots.  His name just oozes sexiness. However, he is not the typical "rocker" that you would think of.  That is another reason why I enjoyed him!  You could tell how much he cared for Allie, right off.  However, Allie had a lot of "trust" issues.  I mean, who wouldn't, everyone she loved left her.  The only people she had was her sister and niece.

Throughout the book I felt bad for both Allie and Chris.  They were both misunderstood and cared for each other so much.  This was just a great book, all around!  Plus, there was GREAT music!!!

Everyone should read it!





Born and raised in eastern Missouri, Andrea K. Robbins is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia and Idaho State University and hold degrees in Human Nutrition, Biological Sciences, and Secondary Education. She currently resides in southern Idaho with her husband and two young daughters and enjoys teaching Jr. and High School science and health classes at a local school district. Robbins is also working toward her Masters degree in Science Education through Montana State University. When not working, she can be found spending time with her family or getting lost in a sappy love story.



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