Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Fives: The Top 5 Authors Who Influence You

Hey, I actually came up with this weeks Friday's Five! Crazy right!?!?!?!  Usually Jacque and Teri are way better at it!!!  But, I thought about it and this just seemed like a good topic.  The problem was I have more than 5 ... so, let's see how this goes .... 

1.  Shelly Crane.  This author will forever be the picture perfect author in my life.  Am I putting her above everyone else?? Oh YES I AM!!! If you read just one of her books, you can see/feel her talent, the love for her characters and overall niceness ooze onto the pages.  Shelly has become a friend of mine (and of this site), but I put her above all others because .... well, she is it!  Look it up, she is the author that authors want to be.  She writes book after book, each different and unique, and does it with class!  Recently her book, Significance, will soon be made into a movie (yes, I died when I heard that).  Overall, she is it! Period!

2. Rachel Higginson.  What?!?! You think I forgot about Rachel!!! NEVER!! Now, I can go on and on about Kiran ... I mean....Rachel's books, but I am not going to.  Anyone who has every read any of my reviews (or anything on this site) knows why Rachel is important in my life.  Yes, I joke around about Kiran (who is my fictional boyfriend from her Star Crossed Series) but the truth is Rachel has done something no author has ever done to me.  Yep, she made me love a character, hate that same character and then fall back in love with that character.  On top of that, she is the reason my Kindle is cracked in the corner.  Let's just say theses two words... HOPELESS MAGIC!  (read it and you will understand)

3.  Tiffany King.  Here is how I describe Tiffany .... HEART OF GOLD!  The woman is the sweetest, most caring and kind person I KNOW! Her book, Wishing For Someday Soon, is my autobiography (and she doesn't even know me).  I cried so much with that book that I had a headache for days!  That is true talent! And just when I thought she could not top it she wrote, Miss Me Not.  To this day I cannot describe that book because no words due it justice.  That is an author!!

4.  Lila Felix.  Lila is new in my Book Nerd life.  Even though she has several books under her belt she has done something through her books that I did not believe was possible.  She taught to see mohawks, tattoos/piercings and people who wear them in a different light.  NO I am not a person to make fun or be mean to someone who has a different appearance than mine.  However, she taught me to look pass that and she did that through her books: Love and Skate and How It Rolls.  I live in a diverse area and have recently visited some "punk-rock" bars and learn a lot about the community.  Yep, even made some new friends.  Oh, and I am getting my first tattoo next month! But, I still refuse to dye my hair!  I wouldn't look good in blue! (just saying).  That is all because of Lila!

5.  Quinn Lofits.  I cannot form words that does Quinn any justice.  So, I will say this ... DECEBEL!  That is it!  That is all needs to be said.  Well, maybe I can say a few more.  Quinn has a few qualities that make her stand out in my Book Nerd Life.  She writes the funniest character, Jennifer.  She is the QUEEN OF CLIFFHANGERS! Lastly,  her talent is endless!  

So, there is only to be 5, but lets do some more:

Honorable Mentions

-   Bailey Aridsone.  This is a sister - duo writing team and they are new to the Indie community, but they  still have influenced my Book Nerd life.  Their debut novel, Sweet Oblivion, is amazing.  It is a twist of two worlds and it is perfection.  On top of that, they are the kindest ladies, EVER!  I also picked them because I how a special place in their lives.  Why, you ask?  Well, I am there #1 fan.  I was the first to read and review their book! That is an honor I treasure.

-   Tabatha Vargo.  Tabatha has a serious pallet of talent.  YA, NA, paranormal, the lady is everywhere and is perfect at it!  Above all, her love for her fans is beyond measure.  She is so sweet and it comes across on the page and through her characters.  Be sure to watch her closely, she will BE THE NEXT HOUSEHOLD NAME! 

-   Jessica Jaster.  You just read that I called Quinn Loftis the QUEEN OF CLIFFHANGERS, well meet Jessica Jaster, the PRINCESS OF CLIFFHANGERS.  She does the same thing Quinn does. She pulls you in and then just puts up a brick wall.  I read her first book Delta Project: Hide and died at the ending.  So, when I got an ARC of Delta Project: Rescue I did not think she would do it to  me again.  Oh, well SHE DID! Mad is the best way to describe my emotions at that very last line.  That is why she is so amazing!! Because she can do that!


  1. I just love you to pieces and I say it with tears running down my face!! You were one of my first readers and I will never ever forget it. Love you Mary!!!

  2. awwwwww!!!!! Thank you, Mary!!!!!!!! *tear* I LOVE OUR #1 FAN!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Mary, you're the sweetest! You're making me cry big, fat, ugly cry tears too. Have you seen me ugly cry before?? It's called that for a reason. :) I heart you fearsome bad. Don't be surprised if I show on your doorstep one day, all stalker like. It might be a reality. Mwah, mwah, mwah! Thank you. You're one of the great bloggers that makes me proud to do what I do.
    You're awesome. Thank you!

  4. OMG Mary, I <3 you so much...even though I'm about to cry and I'm not much of a crier. Payback I guess, right? Seriously, though, you have become a very special part of my life, Mary. You are amazing. <3 you.

  5. Hey Mary this was great post you did I love all of them ....

  6. I feel bad. I have yet to read any of these authors..guess it's time to go shopping. If you say they are great I am sure I will agree.

  7. You did not surprise me at all Mary. The only one of these authors I have read so far is Bailey Ardisone. I have Significance and a Tiffany King book on my nook...which I hope to get too sooner rather than later. If only I could read as fast as you...I wouldn't be SO far behind :)

  8. Mary great job at explaining the writting of these special people...especially our Jessica. She is amazing me all the time.