Sunday, March 10, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Silver Dew (The Lost Magic #2) by Suzi Davis

Goodreads description:

Just weeks before graduating from high school, Grace is running for her life with her magical and mysterious boyfriend, Sebastian, by her side. An ancient magic has been awakened inside of Grace that is powerful, frightening and barely within her control. The Others, who possess their own dangerous magic, are hunting them, and their only hope is for Grace to learn how to harness her incredible powers to stop them. The answers they seek are hidden within a life lived thousands of years ago, shrouded in mystery, magic and deceit. When their past catches up to them, Grace and Sebastian are faced with a truth that shakes the foundation of their relationship, their lives and everything they thought they knew. It is up to Grace to learn to control the Lost Magic, to right the wrongs that have been done, and to discover once and for all, who she really is.

Mary's review:

This is book is the continuation of Sebastian and Gracelynn's story.

best part of the book: WOW!  Talk about twist and turns! I thought the first book was great, but I have to say this one is 100% better!  The book picks up where book 1: Amber Frost left off at.  Gracelynn and Sebastian are on their own, the Others are hunting them down and Gracelynn can't seem to control her magic within her.  I really love how Suzi Davis writes because she really makes you feel for Gracelynn and all that is happening to her in this journey with Sebastian.  Now, there are some new characters that are introduced in this book and I so want to tell you every single part BUT you need to read it for yourself.  

not so great about the book:  Well, this is not "bad" BUT I did not see the ending coming.  What a cliffhanger?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Shocked is the best way to explain it.  Actually, its the only way to explain it.  I cannot wait for book 3!!!

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