Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday's Fictional Boyfriend: Daemon Black

I asked Kelly (aka @camelott77) to do this weeks Friday Fictional Boyfriend.......this week is a GOOD ONE!! ENJOY!!!

Mary asked me to write Friday Fictional Boyfriend again!!! So I must've done something she liked.......or more likely, I pestered her enough that she finally caved!! Lol <3 you Mar!!
Ok so onto the hotness........

Friday's Fictional Boyfriend:
Daemon Black from Jennifer Armentrout's Obsidian (Lux Series)

I'd love to tell you that the moment I met Daemon it was love at first sight, I drooled, sighed & lusted, but no love. I was however, sucked into Jennifer's witty & expensive writing from the first sentence. The first time we meet Daemon, he answers the door to Katy. Did I mention he answers the door only wearing jeans?? Yeah, his messy black hair falling into his emerald green eyes *sigh*.  Sexy right??? Daemon shatters this masterpiece by opening his mouth! Yes he's just another arrogant loudmouth jerk with a sexy body. Katy tries to avoid Daemon as much as possible. He however, makes this all but impossible when Katy becomes best friends with his sister Dee. Daemon tries hard to make the girl's new found friendship difficult. He never misses an opportunity to tell Katy that she & Dee should not be friends.

Then one day Daemon's rough exterior cracks & he asks Katy to go swimming with him. Yes you read that correctly ladies.....a date, a date with Daemon in very little clothing!!! Katy is able to slightly crack Daemon open & discover that unbearable attitude is just his way of keeping people at arms length & protecting Dee from devastating issues in their past. He also has a huge secret he must keep or it can put himself & Dee in grave danger. From this point forward, Daemon shows Katy tiny but rewarding glimpses at the "real" Daemon. He even saves Katy from an aggressive date.

By the time Katy took a deep breath & realized she was in love with Daemon, so was I!!! I couldn't believe it!!! All those little glimpses of him, added up to the sensitive, protective & endearing Daemon. Now Katy (& myself) were both in love with Daemon, not because of how he looked but WHO he truly is as a person. Then what happens when they kiss, wow I mean wow!!  Let's just say its electrifying!!!

Take the time to unravel the intriguing & devastatingly handsome Daemon Black by grabbing your copy of Jennifer's book Obsidian today! I promise, you'll fall in love with him too!!

You can purchase the first three books here:

Book #1:

Book #2:
Book #3:

Added bonus:

A few months ago Jennifer Armentrout showed her fans an outstanding 30 second video! If you love these books or have never read these books ... just watch the video...........

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