Tuesday, March 19, 2013

BOOK REVIEW: Hooking Up by Jessica L. Degarmo

Goodreads description:

Would you go out to a bar and pick up any random handsome man to spend the night with to mute the heartbreak of your long-term lover - your rock - walking out on you? 

Caitlin Edison was so badly hurt by her boyfriend of ten years leaving her that she no longer wanted love, she wanted a cure for love. 

After several drinks, one of her best friends suggested she indulge in a one-night stand, a mindless night of fun with absolutely no consequences, to help her heal. 

At first, Caitlin scoffed at the idea, but the idea niggled at her and one reckless night, she plucked up all her courage and actually followed through. 

There was only one problem - how did Caitlin end up with the one guy in town who wanted more than a one-night stand?

'Hooking Up' is romance at its best – exhilarating, surprising, passionate, witty, moving, enraging, frustrating, sly, worldly and wise.

When Caitlin gets the ride of her life, so will you. Hook up with 'Hooking Up', place yourself in the safest of hands and let yourself go


I was given this book for a review.

I like this book, but I did not love this book.  I liked the overall concept of the book.  However, the story seemed rushed at times and the dragged in others. However, there were some really good twist and turns in it and that is why I kept reading.

The story starts out with Caitlin's long term boyfriend moving out.  Her girlfriends talk her into "hooking up" with a random guy.  They read it in a magazine and thought it would help her.   She ends up "hooking up" with Ryan, a local police officer.  

Ryan, on the other hand, is not looking for a "hook-up", he actually like Caitlin.  So, the story progresses, but Caitlin keeps trying to push Ryan away.  However, Ryan keeps pursuing her.  She finally realizes how much she does like him and this is where all the "rushed" parts come in.

There is are twist and turns and it was good book.  If you like a sweet romance then this is for you .

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