Wednesday, September 26, 2012

COUNTDOWN To Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane

83 days until the release of Independence (Book 4)

We are on Chapter 7!! This is where we meet Rebecca - Maggie's best friend.

Rebecca: What do you want?
Maggie: I just want him to look at me and think there's no one else he'd rather be with.
Rebecca: So, sex vixen?
(this is a little bit spoiler-ish)

He reached for me just as I raced to the bottom step and embraced me.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, lifting my feet from the floor.  I breathed him in and everything else fell away.  He was just as happy to see me as I was him, as strange as it all was.  And once again, the second he touched me the ache of being away and silly girl worry over what he'd think melted away. (Maggie)
Hey, there.  Do you have any single brothers? ---Rebecca

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