Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Fictional Boyfriend: Lucas Maxfield

Mary's Fictional Boyfriend:

Lucas *sigh* Maxfield! I did not realize I could love a fictional character this much, but I do.

First, he saved Jacqueline from being assaulted.  Second, he is hot.  Third, he is an artist.  Lastly, he is hot with tattoos.

I loved Lucas from the very first time he came onto my Kindle.  You might think "Emo-boy" but he is so much more.  Kind, an artist, smart and loves Jacqueline so much!

I fell in love with him more when I learned about his past.  Then when I thought I could not love him any more the ending of the book came and my heart exploded with love.

If you haven't met Lucas Maxfield then you need to read Easy.  Just remember he is mine.  Well, really he is Jacqueline's but that is okay.


  1. HOT.....and I just couldn't get the letters big enough to convey that LOL

    1. haha! I am so glad you enjoyed the book! I knew you would LOVE Lucas!

  2. Oh he's AMAZING !!! could not love any one character more !!