Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fusion (The Patrick Chronicles #2) by Nicole Williams

Goodreads description:

Patrick Hayward isn’t used to feeling helpless. He’s a man of action used to controlling his destiny. But falling in love with Emma Scarlett had a way of upending everything, his sanity included. Locked away as inmate number one-three-seven-oh for a crime he didn’t commit, Patrick spends his days slopping toxic sludge onto trays, resisting the urge to tear the scratchy, orange jumpsuit from his body, and making sure every hardened criminal behind bars with him knows he’s the biggest and baddest of them all. With the help of his handy little gift of teleportation, his nights are spent watching a certain green eyed goddess from the shadows.
When he discovers a couple of Inheritors stalking her one night, he realizes the obstacle of explaining who and what he is to Emma might not be the biggest battle they face

Mary's Review:

I do not think I can contain my emotions while writing this review.  Hurt, sadness, happiness and every other emotions was rolled into 1 while I read this book.  Everyone knows how much I love Nicole Williams and her books, but I was not prepared for the awesomeness of this book.

Best Part of Book:  Patrick Hayward.  He is always the best part of these books.  His humor, love and protectiveness of Emma and his family gets me every time.  I love him so much! He is always proving that he will be there for his family and loved ones no matter what.  He definitely proves this in this book.

Not so great about the book:  Before I get into this let me explain: I was "hiding" in my office at work to read because I was almost done with the book and I wanted to finish it.  TEARS, SOBBING and SHAKING is how I finished this book and my co-workers were actually concerned about my well-being. I cannot believe how this ended.  Should I be upset at Nicole Williams? NO! She just prove to me further that she is the most amazing and talented author ever!!

I cannot wait to see what she brings next!

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  1. I just read all of your reviews of the Eden Trilogy and the Patrick Chronicles! I fi=ound it so hard to find someone who loves this series as much as I do. For anyone who reads my comment then take this away - I love the books so much they make me so emotional still a year after reading them and I want to read them again but just do not know if I am ready for all the emotion all over again. I just cannot believe what this series did to me. Just amazing! There should be movies about this, not twilight! Oh my word. Amazing!!!