Saturday, September 22, 2012

Starbright (The Starbright Series #1) by Rachel Higginson

Goodreads Description:

Stella is a Star, sent by a Council of Elders to live on Earth and protect the planet from the Darkness, a terrifying evil that would suck the good from every living thing and leave the planet empty and desolate. She has until her twenty-fifth birthday before the Protectorship becomes hers and Earth is left solely her responsibility.

Stella’s fate goes on fast forward as she struggles to balance the rest of high school with the duties of protecting humanity from the deadliest kind of evil.

With her parents and Seth, the boy intended to be her Counterpart, by her side she faces down demons and fallen angels in an effort to protect the last inhabited planet in the universe.

But evil is not her only enemy. She also fights her future as she tries to decide if she’s willing to give up her human relationships, especially that of her best friend Tristan, in order to save humanity.

Mary's Review:

Rachel Higginson holds a very special place in my Book Nerd Heart.  The reasoning for this is because she is the only author to ever make me love a character, hate that same character and then fall back in love with that exact same character.  This was when I was reading her Star-crossed series.  When she announced Starbright series I was jumping with joy because I knew that it was going to be great!

Best part: The best part of this is book is Rachel Higginson, herself.  No she did not write herself into the book BUT her talent is beyond words! Just when I think I have figured out the story line *BAM* another twist.  I also love how she put in a love triangle: Stella, Seth and Tristan are amazing characters.  (Although, I am #TeamSeth ... just sayin).  Rachel delivers a unique story line about stars, angels and evil.  I love how she twists it all together and it just flows perfect!  I love how Rachel makes it that I really feel what Stella is feeling and I can relate to her.

Not so great: UGH! Even though I love a good love triangle it is so frustrating that Stella is "flip-flop" between Seth and Tristan.  I mean, come on, just pick Seth and all will be great.  With that begin said I do not like Rachel's cliffhangers.  She knows how to leave me frustrated and now I have to wait until Book 2! (I think she does this on purpose!)

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