Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Emerge by Lila Felix

Goodreads description:

Jenna has spent too long being complacent and accepting. Her mother and step-father constantly belittle and berate her for simply being alive. She passes through life keeping everyone and everything at arm’s length because it’s just not worth the questions or the pity party. She takes what they dish out and just tries to survive.
She has thought up a million different ways to get away from them, but lacked the motivation and the sheer will. Like a fast moving tornado, her motivation comes in the form of a boy who cares for her as none other has and who shows her a glimpse of hope, a glimpse into a life she never thought she could have.
But is her new motivation enough to get her out…

Mary's Review:

I am not even sure on how to begin this review.  Because I just finished this ARC that was given to me by the author and I am still a bit emotional from it.

Let's just start:

Best part:  Jenna and Carlos are the best part of the book.  I love how they met, how the interacted with each other and how they love each other.  Carlos was such a wonderful and amazing person.  He was a perfect match for Jenna in every way! Even though Jenna had the worst home life, I love how she was with Carols.  I love how strong she became and what a great person she was through out the book.

Not so great about book:  The only problem that I had with this book was how many tissues I went through because I was crying so badly.

However, even through all the bad parts (Jenna's home life)  I enjoyed this book so much. This is a quick read because you will not want to put it down.  MARK MY WORDS RIGHT NOW:  We will be seeing Lila Felix again and I think BIG things for her are to come!!! Cannot wait to read more of her work!!


  1. Thanks for sharing this book. I'm one of those readers who like books that make them cry. I'll be getting this one soon.

    1. This is an excellent book! Trust me you will cry and love it!!