Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Love Lines (Love Lines #1) by Diana Nixon

Goodreads description:

Love lines series

The traces of supernatural powers have always been crossing the world of human beings. Many people know about the existence of healers, mind readers, oneiromancers and wizards. But for centuries their lives have been kept secret and no one has ever heard about one special place, where those gifted people studied.
Neither has Eileen Clark, whose life has never been different from the one other teenagers have.
But one day everything changes. Eileen finds out that she belongs to the mysterious world of unnatural and the destiny leads her to Dever - a closed university for the people like her.

Nothing will ever be the same again...

New life, new friends, new enemies...

But the true love will never let her down. It will help to go through everything....

#1 - Love lines 

The story begins with a strange dream, which has been torturing Eileen for nights. Trying to find out its hidden meaning she leans on her best friend Amanda for help. The two of them go to a fortune-teller, who predicts changes in Eileen's life. 
Eileen and Amanda, whose family is one of the seven founders of Dever, go there to start new life and get education. Coming to the university Eileen meets Christian, Amanda's brother, whom she falls in love with from the very first sight. But, as it turns out later, Christian is in love with her too. 

They couldn't even imagine that many years ago their lives were bound by magical spells. But now they have to find out why...

Mary's Review:

I was given this book by the author for review.  When I read the blurb I thought it was going to be a good book.  Then when I saw it was almost 500 pages I actually rolled my eyes because I haven't read a book of this size in a LONG TIME! The book actually started out a little bit slow for me.  I thought that there was too much going on and it was not making sense to me.  Then, *BOOM* Diana Nixon pulls it all together and let me just say this: AMAZING!  The story is awesome and it was faster read than expected!

Best Part of Book: There were two thing that I really enjoyed about this book. 1) Christian.  Oh I am such a sucker for a fictional boy and he is one for my list!  His connection to Eileen is an immediate spark.  I loved how he would do anything for her and how she need him as much as he needs her.  Also, I love the backstories on how their love line became what they are now.  It seems confusing at first but Diana Nixon really does pull it together.  2) Th puzzle and the mystery.  Wow! It seems like each chapter pulls in a mystery but adds another piece to the puzzle.  I love all of the characters that are trying to help solve.  Evan and Amanda are very funny together when they nag on each other.

Not so great about the book:  I will say it again, there are some parts confusing, BUT just stick with it because Diana Nixon pulls it all together! Also, do not be scared of the length of the book because once you get into the Christian and Eileen's world you will not want to leave!

I cannot wait for book 2!

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