Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paraglide by Peter Anthony Kelley

Good Reads Description:

For siblings Jim and Erica Winters, a summer vacation to London promises adventure and a bit of freedom from their overprotective mother. But once they arrive, they end up with more excitement than they bargained for. Their mother is kidnapped and her captors demand the one thing they can’t produce – their long-absent father.

Unable to trust the authorities, Jim and Erica set off in pursuit of their father, racing across Europe and fending off mysterious assailants. As the trail of clues dries up, help arrives in the form of a raven-haired beauty. Is she the answer to their prayers or a romantic distraction? 

With the kidnapper’s deadline looming, the truth about their father’s shadowy past is revealed. In a last ditch effort to save their mother, Jim and Erica must climb high into the Swiss Alps where a perilous choice confronts them. Can they trust their father who has repeatedly betrayed them?

Mary's Review:

I was surprised on by how much I really enjoyed this book.  The Good Reads description really does not do it justice.

Jim and Erica are amazing characters as they go through the story in search for their father, so they can find their mother.  They have some help on the way but the majority of it is on their own.  They are not even sure who they can and cannot trust.  There are so great twist and turns in this book and it really is a page turner.

I have to say that Peter Anthony Kelley is a great writer who is very descriptive in his writing.  Going through Europe with the characters I really felt that I was there because of the detail in the book.  I rooted for Jim and Erica all through the book, in hopes that they reunite with their family.

I do not want to go into much depth of the story because I would hate to spoil it.  However, I can say is a great read (and fast) and I would recommend to others to read it.

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