Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

Flo's #Lent4BN Challenge: Read a Book That's Been In Your TBR Pile the Longest

Ok, I tried to complete this challenge with The Truth About Forever and failed, so I decided to give it another chance by trying another book that's been in my TBR just as long. This trilogy by James Dashner is a favorite of some of the girls at Down With the Capitol, a Hunger Games fansite I also work on, so I've been meaning try it out for awhile. With everything I had heard about it, I was expecting to love it.


It was better than the TTAF because I did actually finish it! And I enjoyed it. I wanted to see if the Gladers would figure a way out of the Maze. But here was my main problem: characters. In order for me to really enjoy a book, I have to enjoy the main character(s). Most of the time, this means I have to like them, but I'm pretty sure there are some instances where this means I just absolutely despise them as well and have to keep reading to see what happens to them. (I can't think of anything off the top of my head, though.) But I didn't like Thomas. He frankly annoyed the klunk out of me. I agreed with the Gladers when they got annoyed at him for asking too many questions at inopportune times. I agreed with Alby when he got annoyed at Thomas because Thomas was whining that Alby didn't like him. Alby said something along the lines of: it's not about liking you, but strange things have been going on since you arrived and we're trying to figure them out. Thomas questioned EVERYTHING the Gladers did even though they've been there two years, so they clearly know what's up. And he'd been there, what, a day or two? The Gladers would get insulted with Thomas' questions and I agreed with them! At one point Minho said something along the lines of: that's insulting. Don't you think we've thought of that? and I agreed! Then, after asking a bazillion questions at highly inopportune times, when people asked questions of him, he just wanted them to follow him and blindly trust him, at one point saying, "I'm done with explaining!" So they can stop in the middle of a crisis to answer your annoying questions, but you won't explain anything to them?!?!

I didn't really like Teresa either. She wasn't nice to the Gladers. They were suspicious of her, but she freaking told them she initiated the end! Of course they were! Yet they still took care of her and fed her through her coma phase and then she repays them by being unfriendly to everyone but Thomas and Chuck.

There's another scene that annoyed me, but I don't want to be spoilery.

So, I'm not sure that I'll keep reading the trilogy. I am kind of interested to see how they fare in The Scorch Trials, but can I deal with Thomas as I find out? I'm not sure.

One final note: I heard they are making this into a movie. This will be one gross, gory production!! I can't even begin to imagine how'll they translate a Griever to the big screen.

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  1. I just posted my review of the Maze Runner and had a bit mixed feelings about it. I loved your honest review and it made me think of my own. I look forward to seeing it as a movie though.

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