Tuesday, April 24, 2012

INTERVIEW: Jamie McGuire

I was introduced to Jamie McGuire's book Beautiful Disaster from a friend on Twitter.  I was instantly pulled into this amazing story and as soon as I was done I contacted Jaime for an interview.  If you go to her site she has a list of her latest projects, other books that she has worked on, and FAQs.

I would like to thank Jamie for taking time out of her busy day to allow us to interview her.

1.      I saw that on your blog’s FAQs that you are going to be doing a spinoff of Travis’ POV and Travis’ brother, why the spinoff instead of just doing a sequel?

I started Beautiful Disaster while in the middle of the Providence series, so I wrote BD with the specific intent for it to be a stand alone novel. I am not interested in doing another series at this time, because there are so many other books I would like to write, and with a series comes a certain obligation to fans to release books within a reasonable time frame. However, I have some of the best readers in the world, and BD has enjoyed a strong reception.
After saying no to a sequel for four months, a fan suggested I write BD from Travis’ POV, and I thought that sounded like something I could really get behind and have fun with. Writing books for the Maddox brothers would also be something fresh for me to sink my writing chops into, so I agreed to that, as well. However, between Travis’ POV and Trent’s book, I will write at least one different book, possibly two that I’ve kept on hold to finish the Providence series and Travis’ POV. 

2.     Did you base Abby and Travis off of someone in your life or did they just come to you as you wrote?

Abby is many facets of many different people. Travis was inspired by a man I went to college with, who I also happened to have a ginormous crush on. Of course Travis is one part fiction, as well, but some of my favorite parts about him come from that college-day crush.

3.    What do you enjoy most about writing?

There are so many things, but I suppose what I like the most is using my imagination to conjure a world and characters that others grow to love, too. 

4.      Do you prefer to write books along the lines of your Providence series or Beautiful disaster?

Hmmm...that’s a tough one. I really enjoyed writing BD because it was purely fiction. It wasn’t set in a specific, real life place so I could build that world without research or fear of getting nailed for authenticity. Travis and Abby’s surroundings and experiences were based solely off of my own. I liked breaking the rules in BD and letting the characters go as far as I could take them. I like the darkness of it.

5.    On our site you talk about writing in a journal is that something that you still do and if so does that help keep you thinking straight with all of your ideas for book?

I don’t do it nearly as often as I used to. I just don’t have the time. When I was in school, I wrote every night. As an adult, I changed from paper journals to my computer and I usually wrote when I was going through something difficult. Now if I have a quiet moment, I journal the lives of my characters and call it a book. I’ve even tried to keep up with my pregnancy journal and just haven’t. I must find time to write and market my books, answer mail, keep up with my website, Facebook, family, and friends, along with the responsibilities and paperwork of what is essentially a small business. Journaling for myself has taken a far back seat to the rest of my life, and I believe it’s a fair trade. :)

Again, the Book Nerds would like to thank Jamie for taking time to be interviewed.

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